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After-sale Service

SERVICE                                                                          Huandong Electric - adhere to the quality of the enterprise based on the country

Firstly, the purpose of service

Customer's satisfaction is our only goal.

Secondly,  service commitment

1, Pre-sale Service

(1) Warmly reception of the user's visit, quickly deal with the user's calls, letters, fax and other consultation.

(2) Welcome to visit our company when users are in the selection stage, we're willing to provide technical information related to 


products, and timely provide a variety of technical advices and answer the user's questions. If they need, we will help users who are not 


familiar with the products to choose the most suitable products, the correct specifications, models.

(3) If the users need, we can help users to train the knowledge of products.

2, In-sale Service

(1) Welcome our users to send someone to supervise the company after the signing of the contract. The company will be sent to the staff 


on the quality of machine tool manufacturing reasonable advice, the company will improve in a timely manner.

(2) in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and the relevant national standards of production, quality and 


quantity, on time delivery at the agreed location.

(3) factory inspection, the company in the product before leaving the factory, according to user requirements, notify the user to send a 


common test.

(4) products before shipment, the company will inform the user and to provide users with product quality assurance and cargo delivery 



3, After-sale Service

(1) The company implemented the system within 24 hours of service in place, that is, the user received a notice required to provide 


after-sales service, I guarantee to respond in a timely manner.

(2) the user in the process of installation, such as the need to provide technical guidance, I will promptly send professional and 


technical personnel to provide free services to meet customer needs.

(3) companies to establish user profiles, and regular visits to customers, written and telephone contact to the user to solicit user 


comments and suggestions, user recommendations and the quality of statistics and analysis, and constantly improve the company's 


management to further improve product quality And marketing service quality, the pursuit of perfection, to meet the needs of users.